My Lavender Garden is Perfect For:

  • Patio & Decks
  • Formal Gardens
  • Sachets
  • Air Fresheners
  • & They Are Calming & Relaxing
Tired of Planting a New Garden Every Year? Hardy English Lavender is the Perfect Perrenial Plants
Now you can create an ever-blooming hedge of exquisite fragrance and beauty! Imagine hundreds and hundreds of delicate, fragrant flowers blossoming forth on each and every plant. Fragrant, royal- tinted spires shooting out to almost 12" lengths from June to first frost. And each plant is fully crowned with bushy, silver-green foliage reaching up to 11/2 feet high!

Lavender Plants Guaranteed to Grow and Thrive

Beautiful and fragrant lavender to enjoy year after year - image of lavender plants in full bloom

Just smell the charming Old English fragrance drifting on the gentlest breeze through your open windows month after month, all summer long. Best of all, our Super-Hardy Lavender survives the ravages of winter to bloom season after season, year after year. Remember too, Super-Hardy Lavender will bloom the first year... we guarantee it! For a dense hedge Super-Hardy Lavender should be planted 11/2 ft. apart. Its so easy to grow - it will become one of the treasures of your garden that you will enjoy every day!

My Lavender Garden is backed by a Money-back Guarantee Lavender Plants also makes a great air freshener

Lavender arrangements aren’t just for the outdoors. Use it in sachets to keep your clothing andlinens smelling fresh!

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